How Tom brought
to Lori
for her 40th birthday

It all began with a dog sled ride at sunrise

The dogs are as excited as Lori

Candy, the lead dog

A sled for the mud

And they're off

"Mush on dogs...there's gold up in the stream. Shining bright and haunting all my dreams."

Lori bringing the team home

The sign under the star tells the whole story


"The Man," Alaska's Hobo Jim

ALASKA's OFFICIAL BALLADEER named by AK State Legislature

And featuring, special guest, "Bigfoot"

Back Woods Girl meets Back Woods Boy

Bigfoot gets the boot

A room full of beloved guests

Life beyond the villa

Me and Mom

Brother and Sis

Mom and Pop

Wild and Free

Oh, what a party

The secrets of Bigfoot now revealed

Jammin' to Hobo Jim

You've always got to have the right tool for the job

Just taking it all in

Chef Pierre

The old man without his tractor

More Hobo Jim junkies

"I did, I did, I did the Iditarod trail"

A toast to the MEN

Mark, the sound man and his digital side kick, JP

Will those two please quit trying to sing?

All in the family

I still can't believe it

You know what, being 40 is cool with me. Thanks everyone for an evening I will never forget.