Tom & Lori

First night's campground looking over Lake Como.

The Grand Canal in Venice.

Door to door service via the water.

Church in Orvieto.

Roman ruins of Paestum.

The temple of Lori?

Old Pompeii Amphitheatre with Mt. Vesuvio in the background.

Ancient wall decoration in the house of Venere in Pompeii.

Lori working one of the beds in the Pompeii brothel to help pay for the trip.

Spanish steps in Rome.

The Forum in Rome.

Market where sister Diane shopped when she lived in Rome.

The Roman Coliseum.

Michael Angelo's sculpture The Pieta.

Back in the old days honor and obey really meant something.

Inside a church in Siena.

A classic view of Michael Angelo's David that everyone enjoys.

Not so classical view of Michael Angelo's David that the women enjoy.

It's a leaner, in Pisa.

The village of Romaggiore along the west coat in Cinque Terre.

Town of Vernazza where we spent the night.

A sunset happy hour on the rocks in Cinque Terre.

Camping in the Italian Alps in the town of Aosta.

Fall colors in the Alps.

Lunch, believe it or not, in the French Alps.

Mt. Blanc on a very clear day.