Tom & Lori
The Aloha

Overlooking historic Waipio Valley

Stream crossing deep in the Waipio Valley

Wet feet from the stream crossing

North coast town-just a nice view

Suisan daily fish auction in Hilo

Hilo zoo

Unofficial member of the Hilo zoo

Ahh nuts!

Hot spring tidal pool

Palm shade at the hot spring

Puna coastline

Orchid farm beauties

Our "pad" at Volcano Rainforest Retreat

The living room

The bathroom, believe it or not

Happy hour in our guest robes

More adventure-Volcano National Park

Scenic highway?

Our destination- lava flowing into the ocean

Wicked nature

In search of active lava flows


Turtle- dead or alive?

Classic black sand beach

Hawaiian sacred grounds

Hula girl on the lanai

Hula boy with beer

Turtle in tidal pool beneath our lanai

A fresh lei and a smile

Hawaiian tropic girl poolside

Kona canoe club in the sun

The sun sets on our vacation

The end of vacation stinks