Tom & Lori

A view most people will recognize - Tiananman Square

The Forbidden City - Emperor's home during the Ming Dynasty

Exploring the Forbidden City

The number of critters on a roof indicates importance.....

The Great Wall

And yes, it's steep!

Just a couple of tourists

Yellow Crane Tower in Wuhan

The beginning of our cruise upstream on the Yangtze River

Wide, flat and filthy brown - The Lower Yangtze River

One of many dip net fisherman - never did see one catch a fish

A perfect specimen of not-abundant Chinese traditional architecture in Yueyang

Believe it or not - a walking cosmetic advertisement

One of many industrial scenes along the Yangtze

Two Americans in China

The construction site of the massive Three Gorges Dam

The five lock system

Soon to be under water in year 2003 at the 135M mark

High water mark year 2009 at 175M

The new white cities are being built above the old cities

Farmland along the Yangtze will be flooded

Sight seeing in The Three Lesser Gorges aboard a "sampan"

The aqua waters of the The Lesser Gorges will be flooded

Monkies living on the canyon walls

A classic Yangtze River view

Terraced hillside farm

From our cabin balcony; note the new and old city

A Chinese Market - Frank Perdue don't know fresh chicken

Just the aroma burned

Chinese acrobatics make your head spin

I can do that

Deck inspection by Captain Lori

One of many spans along the Yangtze

Exiting the last gorge

One of the more picturesque moments on the Yangtze

Panda in the Chongqing zoo

The ancient wall around Xi'an

Some of the thousands of Terra Cotta warriors guarding the emperor's tomb

Each warrior has unique characteristics

Traditional meal with our tour group friends- this is only lunch!

Stage opera of the Tang dynasty

Shanghai's new business district - Nice picture, Doug!

Looking down on Shanghai's commerce from atop the 3rd tallest building in the world

Looking down the core of the 3rd tallest building in the world

I can do that