Tom & Lori
Patagonian region of
Argentina and Chile

Colorful La Boca district in Buenos Aires

Vendors in the park in the Recoletta district

Street-side art in Buenos Aires

They say it costs more to die in Recoletta than to live...the cemetary where Eva Peron is buried

Gaucho style BBQ...a parrilla steakhouse in Buenos Aires

Rounding up the horses for the rodeo in El Calafate

Saddling up the bucking bronco

Bronco in action

Overlooking the Perito Moreno Glacier

Looking up the Moreno glacier at the Patagonia Icefield...the 3rd largest icefield in the world

Face to face with the glacier

The boat ride to glacier trekking

The view down the valley from atop the glacier

Ice trekking

Two Americans on ice

Another view of the glacier back on solid ground

Love those empanadas...lunch in El Calafate

The bitches

Breathtaking beauty of the Patagonian landscape

Argentine brew pub...A toast with Rubia and Negra

The 5 hour dirt road bus ride into Chile

The roadside juction of Cerro Castillo in Chile...our hangout for 3 hours awaiting our next 3 hour dirt road ride

Herding guanacos, native to Patagonia

A classic view of Chilean Torres del Paine National Park

Ice bergs on Lago Grey

Hiking and flying in windy Patagonia

Honest, it's windy. That's water blowing off the lake.

100 kph sustained winds this day

Tom fighting the wind

Cloud or UFO?

Beautiful scene, but the rainbow was an omen before our hike

Setting off on a cold,drenching 6 hour hike to the base of the Towers

"And all that they could see was...the bottom of the towers..."

Fueling up under a rock for the wet walk back down

The end of the walk...warming up by a wood stove

Parrot tree

Enjoying the wide open spaces

Tom in the famous "Bark-O-Lounger," his favorite happy hour chair

Evening view from the Bark-O-Lounger

Our dinner table at Hosteria Lago Grey

Sunrise over Torres del Paine as we leave

Park road at sunrise

Guanacos soaking up the sun

They call it a Nandu...looks like an ostrich to me

Penguin colony outside Punta Arenas, Chile

Walk this way

Our lakeside hotel in Puerto Veras, Chile

Tom's seafood stew for lunch in Puerto Veras

Crossing over the Andes Mountains from Chile to Argentina via lakes and dirt roads

Lots of beautiful wild flowers along the way

Crossing into Argentina surrounded by the jungle vegetation

Overlooking the Lake District of Argentina

Deep in Nahuel Huapi National Park, beneath the granduer of Mt. Tronador

A great spot for lunch. Anyone for a Pepsi?

Soaking up the sun

On the grounds of a national park lodge which, unfortunately, we did not stay in

Gaucho Lori

See ya later