Summer 2010
Lake Anna

Take me to Bumpass!

Getting organized with two boats

Fish on!?

New fishing perch off the Moomba swim deck

New happy hour spot on the Moomba

The captain is ready to depart

Rebecca and Katie in the sun spot

Captain in charge

Diane shows the girls how it's done

Katie in action

Rebecca in action

Floatie family happy hour


Happy hour snacks on the boat

Headed home for dinner

Lake Anna fish fry

Tom's advancing skills on the hydrofoil

Hydrofoiling happy hour

Sunrise glow in the fog

A unique shallow depth marker on the lake

The woodshed roof is complete

Father & son fishing contest on Tom's birthday

The Fall chill is in the air

Construction materials arrive for the new dock

Good bye to the simple old pier

Construction begins on the new dock house

Morning on the Moomba

Staging for the next Anna Banana Sky Ski trickster

Lori flying on the foil

Click on link below to see a video of Lori on the Sky Ski
6mb Video of Lori flying

Video of someone using our boat for a kicker

Click on link below to see the video
3mb Video of kicker

The nearly finished new dock

Dock with a paint job

Big 4 pound bass