Tom & Lori

A 4 hour layover in Copenhagen at 1am body time

On the road to our cabin

Our place for the week

The kitchen

Living room

Truly a picture window

One of countless tunnels

On a hike in the Jostedalsbreen National Park

Lori and Briksdalsbreen glacier

The end of the official hiking trail

On the glacier


Along the trail

Norway loves its trolls

Got it!

Selling ice cream dressed in an eskimo suit?

The glacial lake in front of our cabin

Tom fishing

Happy hour on the water

Trout for dinner

Tom making dinner

On the road in the Loen valley

Norweigians love to fly their flag

National Park compound

The road to Kjennalsbreen glacier

Lunch before our hike

Roaring glacial stream

The end of the valley

At the base of the ice fields

Countless waterfalls too

Enjoying the spot

Wild flowers abound

Salmon run the river

A precarious place to build a home

View of Olden valley. Our cabin is at the end of the lake.

A walk along the lake

A lunch stop above the fjord

A mountain pass

In the spirit at an abandoned farmer's cottage

Having fun in our Fiat

Traditional roofing on camper's huts


Loen church

Tom on a berry mission


Ferry crossing in the famous Geiranger Fjord

This fjord is a tourist must-see

It's a bit too popular for itself

Arriving at Geiranger port

Get me out of here!

This is a better view

Overlooking Geiranger, Unesco World Heritage site

We watched someone else do this & copied

Skyline view from our cabin

Another walk in the valley

Destination: two waterfalls

And, more wildflowers

Butterflies too

A roaring waterfall

We take this picture nearly everytime we pass here

A camping site in the valley

The view from high behind our cabin

That was a steep trek

Lush colors of Norway

Another troll

A fine summer evening...for Norway

Our last happy hour at the cabin

Those Vikings were hardy people

Leaving Olden valley

The driver

A lovely village at the end of another ferry crossing

The waterfront of Bergen

Finding our apartment among the cobblestone streets

Store window display

Sewer cover in Bergen

The famous fish market

For sale


Our last happy hour, viewing the week's pictures on the TV screen

Clean up duty

Fish & chips in the market