Memories of Mom

November 27, 1925-
February 12, 2010

Edna I. Veale

Mom's obituary

Mom's parents, Virginia and Charles Mills

The sisters: Emmy, Allene and Charlene Mills

Mom as a young woman

The man of her dreams, John Wesley Veale, Jr

November 20, 1954

And then, there was Christopher; born July 4, 1958

The Veale's

Chris was known to find trouble in the kitchen

And, suddenly, a sister! Lori, born January 10, 1964

Lori and Chris

Not interested in posing for pictures!

Our home in Drummond Hill, circa 1969

Lori and Chris

Edna and Jack

A family trip to Washington, DC

Lori in The Nutcracker Suite

Mom and Dad hanging out in the 70s

Cheers, Dad! Died July 20, 1980

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And along came the grandkids. From the left: Emily, Carly, Nathan, Sara

A family vacation in Disney with Mom

Lori & Mom in Paris, 2003

Honoring Mom's service as Parish Nurse

The sisters together for the last time in 2005. They are all now deceased.

That's Nana with her much loved grandkids

Christmas with Mom, 2009

Photo memories from Mom's services: The Mills

With Dad

As Nana

Love you Mom!