Highlights of

Christmas morning on the dock

A quiet day at the Mill

There's a car in there under 17" of snow

Dad and his Delaware 8pt buck

Halloween at Lake Anna State Park

Tom's birthday 09-09-09

State Time Trial Championship

Doe and fawns feeding at the camp in the backyard

Tom relaxing after his Willow_Hyawatha_Fallsbrook- 3 peak mountain bike ride

Just trying to do our part

Blue Angels on July 4th

...in the skies over Binghamton, NY

Exploring the backroads of Maryland

Mountain biking at Fair Hill, MD

Taking hillbilly happy hour to Big Elk Creek after mountain biking

Feels like home

Resident in our front yard

Resident at our dock

Expanding the hillbilly happy hour dock

The carpenter at work

The dock, underwater, within days of completion

Shades of green

An explosion of color in Spring

Spring at the river and the bugs are lovin' it

Opening day of trout season in the back yard

Taking advantage of a fallen tree in the side yard

The lumberjack at work

Hauling the wood to the shed in the MINI

Tom headed out for a ride on his "rain" bike

A gentle snow on the Mill Creek