Tom & Lori
Adventures of

Fishing the creek with crawfish

Two nice small mouths

Lori gets her rear in gear

Car crash in our side yard on Mill Creek. If not for the tree, he would have been in our living room

A young boy on his first day of driving alone over reacted to a deer (who was probably crossing the road to come eat our flowers!)

Fawn on the island of the West Branch of the Delaware in front of Mom & Dad's

In June we made an improvement to Hillbilly Happy Hour with a dock

Our first hillbilly happy hour of the year...Memorial Day

Barn cat

Going nowhere fast

Sun setting on a beautiful spring day


Happy hour at the River

Fall Brook

Endless Mountains

Dad prepares for cross bow hunting in the Fall

Celebrating 22 years at the Loj

Iron Mike time trail

Busy Victoria harbor in British Columbia

...also serves as a runway

Totem for the tourists

Empress Hotel, Victoria

Ferry crossing to Salt Spring Island

Much like the trout lilies in our back yard

Nature trail around Yellow Point

Perfect reflection

Local art gallery immersed in nature

"Heads up!"

Just hanging around

Opening day on Mill Creek

12 minutes in the back yard + 6 trout = dinner

Anticipating Spring's arrival at Coxton Lake