Mom's 70th Birthday Party
at The River

Delaware River Place

Tom antagonizing the nieces & nephew

Jane in pre-party set up

Wildflower decorations, courtesy of Dee & Jean

The essentials

More outhouse essentials...the Sears catalog


Andy perfects his fruit and vegetable art

Ready for a party

Ann & Joe's birthday- July 21....a fine vintage

And, plenty to go around

Party central

Cucumber sharks encircle the shrimp

Guests greet the birthday girl

All in the family

Some of the Cherney boys

Gramma, still going strong at 92

John, the master smoker

Andy & Frank, pullin' pork

A full house

Let's eat

Some of Andy's masterful work

"Eat more potato salad!"

BBQ and cornbread

Jane keeps the pork overflowing

Mary Lou and Tim (?)

The birthday kids: Mom 70 and Dad 72 on the same day

More food!

Aunt Ann enumerates what's wonderful about the other Ann, A to Z

Jane & John lead the crowd in the original "River Momma"

River Momma enjoys her song

A job well done!

Ann and Frank

A lovely day for a party

The farmhouse pond on a hot summer day

Night falls, but the party is still kicking

Just thirsty

Lori & Jean take in the late night volleyball action