Tom & Lori
San Miguel de Allende

The gates to Villa Xichu…our home for a week in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

The villa owners did everything to make it feel like our home. They even posted pictures of us from our webpage on the refrigerator in our villa!

Our villa, Casa del Mezquite, was full of Mexican charm

Our welcoming fruit basket in the morning sun

Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel dominates the city skyline

Spanish colonial architecture of San Miguel

Tom at a public fountain in town

A common Mexican sight near the zocalo

Some of the many bell towers of the city

Soaking up the warm mid-day sun

Traditional antique masks of Mexican celebrations. Yes, we bought one.

Floatie boy at our villa

Relaxing in the hot tub at happy hour

Entrance to one of the many sub-terrain roads under Guanajuanto

It’s like a subway network for cars under the city

Lovely Guanajuanto, “top-side.”

Some of the many interesting monuments in Guanajuanto

If only he could sing…

Overlooking Guanajuanto

The city is truly an artist’s palette of colors

Famous Juarez Theatre

Tom gets his pollo for lunch

Self portrait at Callejon del beso…Alley of the kiss, where the houses are so close together you can kiss from house to house

More colors around every corner

Museum of the mummies…a tribute to the Mexican’s fascination with death

Yes, Lori is thinking there may soon be another mummy to add to this collection if Tom doesn’t stop taking pictures of them!

Mexico…we like this place

Arid terrain surrounding San Miguel

What happy hour in the dessert looks like

Tom’s preferred happy hour spot

On our villa balcony overlooking San Miguel

City skyline under a setting sun

The city is never without color

Making fajitas

The finished product

Relaxing at the villa

The Parroquia at night

Road trip to the Ruins of Santa Brigida silver mine

There is a lot to explore

And no one around, save one of the last surviving mine works eager to tell his stories…in Spanish

The mine kilns still survive

Lori outside the cathedral in Bernal

Notice the safety measures in place

The rock of Bernal is the 3rd largest “free-standing” rock in the world

Bernal is a sleepy, quiet village

First view of the Monarch butterflies at rest in the Mariposa pines

The millions of butterflies weigh down the tree limbs

Our 5 hour journey one-way to see them is nothing compared to their 4500km annual migration from Canada to Mexico

They look just like at home :-)

Nectar of the butterflies

The males die in Mexico after mating…sorry guys.

Click on links below to see two butterfly videos
Butterfly Video 01.wmv (1.0 MB)

Butterfly Video 02.wmv (1.0 MB)

Our pee-stops….the aptly named Mexican petroleum chain

Tom’s incentive on the 5 hour journey back to San Miguel from the butterflies

More quaint cobblestone streets of San Miguel

The public laundry in town

A relaxing spot in the old convent

The many colors of San Miguel’s lively market

A delicious lunch

Sun setting on our happy hours at Villa Xichu