Lake Placid
Climbing Mt. Marcy
5,331 feet

Base Camp, Winter Haven cottage on Silver Lake

Lori models the cottage

And indoor plumbing too…sorta

Enjoying the fall evening by the lake

Tim preps for the big hike up Mt Marcy

Tom, Tim & Bob pause at Marcy Dam

Ascending the rocky slopes, nearing the top

A view over the high peaks

Tim, still looking strong

The top of Marcy below the clouds


It’s a long hike to the valley below, 14 miles round trip

Captain Tim surveys his achievement

Lunch break on top…out of the wind

Just cute

Big rock

Relaxing at camp after the hike

Old folk?

Winter Haven at night

Soaking up the warm morning sun

Sun rising over the morning fog

Quintessential Adirondacks

Mary Lou and her morning tea

The boys in the Ausable River covered bridge

Lunch at the brew pub in Lake Placid

The big rock outside the cottage

Floatie boy in Silver Lake

Just a beautiful day on the lake

It’s a perfect rock…

…especially for happy hour!

Our campfire dinner

An appropriate epitaph