Tom & Lori
Chiapas, Mexico

San Cristobal de las Casas, cultural capital of Chiapas

Planning for a day in the villages

Sunday market in San Juan Chamula

A very unique church in Chamula

More details about our visit inside the church

Baptism Day at the church on the 20th day of the Mayan calendar

Procession leaving the church

Locals in the square

Afternoon picnic

Na Bolom hacienda, dedicated to saving the Lancandon native people of southern Chiapas

Na Bolom homepage

Our room at Na Bolom

Cascada Agua Azul

Our treehouse in the jungle at El Panchan

Cerveza boy monkeying around at home in the trees

Lori's favorite Mexican dish, FOUND in Palenque

Molcajete...just like they make it in Kennett Square

Ruins of ancient Palenque, circa 600 AD

Ruins rise from the jungle

One of many temples

Overlooking the palace

Tom's favorite, the Temple of the Cross

Permission to enter the ruler's tomb, obtained only after written justification (in Spanish!) at the museum library.

Tomb raider

Relaxing at what became our private pool in the jungle

Our first glimpse at Santa Maria hacienda

The rooms are filled with antiques

...and big bathtubs

Our private billards room, lounge and bar


Tom soaking up the afternoon sun

Warm hues of sunset

Chapel at the hacienda

One awesome dinner

Rocking to an original Beatles vinyl LP at the bar on a record player, of course

Lagos de Montebello, National Park

A delightful spot for breakfast

Border crossing into Guatemala

The morning's catch, which Tom ate later incidentally

Concessions in the park

Viva la Mexico!