Group Trip
People Shots

Joseph, our Galapagos guide, at work

"Do we go this way or that way?"

El perro (the dog)

What can best be described as a human May pole

Fine wine, free shirt, happy Lori

Love is in the air

Tattooed mama

Official portrait of the 2005 Galapagos excursion

A delicious treat after snorkeling

Paul & Claire

Joe & Ann

Kim & John

Lori & Tom

Ecuadorian spaghetti

Karen & Alex from Germany

Vivian, Ecuadorian native. Where's Cristof?

John & Kim discuss the theory of evolution, or probably something like that.

Passengers on the Archipel fine group

Karen & Alex

Vivian & Cristof

Jean & Ian

"Ummm, that's good!"

Poncho Juan and his sidekick

Dissecting the menu

Just the ladies

Time out