Group Trip
The Galapagos Islands

Our Route

Archipel I...our home on the seas

Getting ready for the first panga ride

Panga ride to the catamaran

Survival drill

Approaching Leon Dormido, the Sleeping Lion

Chillin'in the breeze

Swimming with the sea lions; not Sea World, but better

Quintessential Galapagos

Smooching sea lions

"Did you get my best side?"

Ooops...don't mistake that sea lion for a rock

"You are in my space."

Those frigate birds are everywhere!

Red footed boobies

Sun bathers

Might it be...a red footed booby

Wet-suited booby

Swimming with white tipped sharks

Darwin didn't name this creature

Masked booby

Breakfast spread on the Archipel

Tourist trek up Isla Bartolome

Lava lizard

Atop Bartolome

Buena Vista

Galapagos Penguins, the only Penguins you can find naturally in the northern hemisphere

Watching the sharks


Sally Lightfoot crabs

Dune trek

Snorkeling with the penguins

Swimming with the penguins

Bird of the sea

Who is watching who?

A picture perfect spot

Boom riders

Barefooting in the Galapagos

It's time for a drink


The shipmates on Archipel: Vivian & Cristof, Lori & Tom, Alex & Karen, Joe & Ann, Ian & Jean, Tony & Joan, John & Kim, Claire & Paul

Red snapper for sale

Buenas noches

Blue footed boobies

Blue footed boobies in mating ritual

White poopied iguana

Darwin's survival of the fittest theory in action

Kim & Lori entertain the Ecuadorian military

Joseph, our naturalist guide, shows us the wildlife in the Galapagos

Dancing at the Iguana Rock

Namesake Galapagos tortoise

"Eat your own leaf!"

Good-Bye from the Galapagos

The End