Group Trip
The Highlands

Mt. Imbabura near Otavolo

Crater Lake with view of Cotacachi

Indian serenade with their hand made instruments

Picnic lunch with our driver, Hans

Weaver's wife spinning yarn

Typical Andean vista

Otavolo Saturday animal market

This little piggy went to the market......

This little piggy should have stayed home, Pulled pork-Andes style

Eating pulled pork-Andes style

Mountain view

Native weavings at local market

Sweater shopping-I can't decide

View of Otavolo Lake

Colorful buildings in Quito

Local festival in the square, Old Town Quito

He took this job very seriously

A unique form of dance and ribbon weaving

La Mitad del Mundo...straddling both hemispheres at the equator

Old Town architecture of Quito

Happy hour at Cafe Cultura

A cozy dinner fire for the Ecuadorian chill

Pennies for bananas at the market in Latacunga


Ecuador exports a large quantity of roses...some rejects

Special local ice cream

"I'll drink to that."

Another happy hour at Hacienda San Jorge

The end of the trip and still smiling