Tom & Lori

Sunrise on Ellis Beach the morning after our 30 hr plane ride to Cairns

"Honey, we'll never find a spot on the beach."

Our jungle walk in Mossman National Park

Car ferry crossing over Daintree river. No more such aids for the next 400 miles

See what I mean? Bloomfield Track has no bridges.

They are serious

This just happened north of where we were staying.

Tom & his VB just down from a croc warning sign

Creative road sign graffiti. Top sign used to be a speed bump warning.

Overlooking Cape Tribulation

Bananas in bloom

Campground floaty boy

Road roos

Kanga roo

Our houseboat on Lake Tinaroo in the Tablelands

Captain Tom

Navigating by yellow bouys

Kingfisher was the name of our boat, not Tom. No fish caught.

Did trap a Red Claw crayfish

The Great Barrier Reef

Reef master

Aquatic life down under

Giant clam

Wild parrots

Bird man

Tropical tenting

Bear beware

Bear hunting

Wild koala on Magnetic Island

Baby koala...the size of your hand

Alma Den resort, our home for 2 nights on Magnetic Island

Pool overlooking Alma Bay

Put another steak on the barbie

Uninvited dinner guests

"Well-I'll-Be." It's wallaby feeding time on Magnetic Island

One of the mystical Glass House Mountains

Tom has a wild one on his hands too

In Steve Irwin's Crocoseum

"Danger, danger, danger"...croc feeding show

Mingling with the residents

Looks like a bad horror movie

Caloundra beach on the Sunshine Coast

Pineapple breakfast from our cabin deck

Lethal Weapon roller coaster at Warner Brothers theme park. We rode it 3 times!

Time to go home :-(