Lori and Mom
Cruise France
September 2003

The harbour of Honfleur

100 year old carousel in Honfleur

Timber frame houses

Love those European flower boxes

Port Honfleur

Along the Alabaster Coast, near Normandy

Sailing anyone?

Benedictine Palace & distillery

Paying homage to the liqueur

Sunrise on the Seine

Abbey ruins

Cathedral in Rouen

Overlooking Les Andelys

Monet's water garden

Impressionist inspiration

Mill house in Vernon


The Sun King's gardens

Me and mom

Cruising into Paris; when they say "duck," they mean it

Sunset in Paris

One of many bridges into Paris

The Seine is lined with glorious buildings

Needs no caption

Something neat awaits beyond each door

Mom at Notre Dame

Joan of Arc

The market at Notre Dame

Outside the Louvre

The travelers at dinner